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Waimea Canyon

2018年1月11日 01/11/2018  Waimea Canyon Drive

I mentioned that I have not been to Kauai, but it turned out that, years ago, I was on a cruise line that went around the Hawaiian Islands. That time we actually stopped at Kauai. Now that I recall that occasion, I remember taking a couple of side trips in Kauai. One was the Waimea Canyon trip on a small bus. It was a cold day and north wind was blowing.  I do not remember much of that trip other than we drove up to the lookout on a cold day.

ところで、カウアイ島には以前来たことがある。Texas Instruments がコンピューター部門をHewlett Packard Co.に売り渡した時、HPで働く予定になっていたが、それにはアトランタ市に移らなくてはならなかった。その時は下の息子は高校2年生で、高校を変えるのは好ましくないとして、アトランタへは行かないことにした。結局、当地のIBMで派遣社員として働くことになった。



I stayed in a town called Lihue, not far from the airport. From there to Waimea, it was about 25 miles on Highway 50. The day started out to be a cloudy day. The information said that we ought to have a full tank of gas. No one wants to be out of gas on a mountain road. When I stopped at a Gas station to get gas, I felt rain drops. After leaving the gas station and was back on Highway 50, it started to pour. ..thinking it was not a good day for going up the mountain. But I kept on. Kauai won't be called the "Garden Island" if it's not for occasional rain. I lucked out, though. The rain stopped by the time I was on the Waimea Road.

The town of Waimea is located in the southwestern part of Kauai, facing the Pacific Ocean. So, I believe the elevation is close to sea level. From there, I drove the narrow winding mountain road quickly up to the elevation of 4000ft/1220m. It was a fun drive, never boring. It is not as thrilling and dangerous as the road to Hana on Maui island.

ワイメアという町は島の南西よりにあって、太平洋に面している。だから、標高は0に近い。そこからいっきに山を登りを始める。Waimea Canyon Drive を行くが、その後しばらくしてKoke'e Road に変わる。約3、40分ぐらいだったか、Waimea Canyon 見晴らし台に着いた。その場の標高は4000ft. (約1220 メートル)と云う標識があった。 さすが太平洋のグランドキャニオンと言われるだけあって、中々の眺めだった。

It was worth driving up the mountain road. It was cool but not cold. I didn't need a jacket. The view was superb. The photos above were shot from the Waimea Canyon lookout. The elevation at the lookout was 4000 feet (approx. 1220 meters). It is said that Waimea Canyon is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. I think colors are prettier. The different shades of red colors of the cliff intermix green vegetation over the canyon. I do not think I can post a large panoramic (two images stitched) view of the canyon here, but it came out good. I am satisfied with my photos this time. I saw a waterfall toward the left. I did my best to capture the waterfall. The camera was my Canon 20D, an older model with 18-85 zoom lens. 

そこから、更に先へドライブすると、Koke'e 州立公園と云うのがあるが、そこから少し先にKoke'e 見晴らし台があるので、そこまで行くことにした。そこに着いたら思いがけない景色に出会った。写真をみると解る。

From there, I went further on the Koke'e Road and came to Koke'e State Park. There was also a lookout point a little further and I decided to go there. When I got there, "wow!!!" What a surprise!  I was met with an ocean view. I was not expecting to see the ocean from there. We came all the way across from the south side the island to the north side of the island. The elevation at that point was 3600 ft (1098 meters). I took a few photos that came out fairly good as you see above. 


以前に来た時にはここまでは来ていなかったのだ。今回はキャニオンの景色や標高3600ft./1100 メートルからの太平洋の眺めを思うぞんぶん楽しんだ。

This photo is the same as above,
except the green hue was added later.

On the way back, I stopped at a road side to take additional photos of a waterfall that I saw on the way to the Koke'e park area. 


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