Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hawaii in January

2018年1月8日 01/08/2018 To Lihue, Kauai


It's unusual for me to travel in January other than business trips I did while still working for tech companies like TI and HP.

Because Schools are out for the winter break, December and January months are free and boring months. I decided I wanted to get out. So, I decided to go to Kauai. Kauai is the only island I have not visited before. Many people say Kauai is their favorite among Hawaiian islands. I thought I shoule go and see it myself.


Via Phoenix, I flew to Lihue, Kauai on January 8th. It was about 3 hours to Phoenix (from Austin) and then 6+ hours to Lihue.

The two photos above are my iPhone shots from the airplane window. When I saw these islands, I knew we were close to landing at Lihue Airport. On these photos, I believe we were crossing the island of Oahu. The second photo shows the west tip of the island. Then we were on to Lihue.
Landing was good. No sudden impact on the landing strip. I mention this because I don't get used to rough landings. On a rough landing, I usually hear objects falling somewhere in the airplane.

飛行機の窓から島が見え始めた。iPhoneで 2、3の写真を撮った。島は割とはっきりと写っていたが、島の殆んどが雲に覆われていたのは残念だった。でも、気象学的に考えれば, 納得できることだった。その後、間も無くリフエに着陸した。カウアイにいる間はレンタカーで移動や観光する予定をしていたので、その手続きから始めた。

This photo is of the Google image. The aerial view of Nawiliwili Bay where the hotel I stayed was at. Kauai Marriott Resort Hotel is visible in the center of this photo. I wished I could have taken photos like this, but when landing, the area was covered by thin cloud and haze, there was no chance for that.

上の写真はGoogle Image のものだが、ナウィリウィリ湾が見えるし、泊まったホテルもナウィリウィリ湾の手前に見える。写真の中央あたりに複数の建物が見える所がそのリゾートホテルだった。(この写真は自分で撮ったものではない。着陸した時、空港あたりは薄い雲に覆われていたので、残念ながら、写真が撮れる状態ではなかった。)

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