Saturday, May 21, 2016

Origami Elephant Diagram

Origami Elephant: Diagram

I am posting this elephant diagram for a viewer who is a craftsman in Columbia, South America. This diagram came with the origami paper packet I purchased some time ago.

Previously, I also posted a puppy diagram who liked an origami puppy photo I posted. Ref:

Most of the origami I create are of traditional Japanese models. They are usually symmetric and no cutting (no scissors), no gluing (with some exception) are involved. And original 15cm x 15cm (6 inch x 6 inch) square origami paper is used. Many of origami crafts we see on the net in recent years do not follow these rules. They are more elaborate paper crafts. They claim themselves "Origami Artist" or "Origamist".  But I would call them accomplished paper craftsmen. They create amazing paper crafts in their own category.  I do not think I have the patience and skills to create them.

この折り紙のゾウがとても気にいったので、その折り方を 是非教えてくれというメールが来ていた。ゾウの写真は と云うサイトに載っている。説明書きにはただ日本で昔から折られているもので特別のものではないと記してある。それでも、この画像を見てくれている人は他のより多い。
ダイヤグラムは以前に買った折り紙パックに入っていたものだった。このダイヤグラムには折り方の説明は余りない。日本人ならそれが無くてもいいと云うことなのであろう。俺はお節介やきなのか、できるだけ説明をつけることにした。(今のところ それは未完成だけど…)

This diagram was in an origami packet I purchased before. A photo of the elephant is available for viewing and purchasing on . A viewer, a craftsman, from Columbia wanted to create earrings using origami elephant and asked me if I was willing to provide a diagram. I uploaded the diagram here for her. 

The head part and body part are two separate sections.

1. fold in half

2. bring the upper right corner to the lower left
    corner together.

3. and fold.

4. squash fold: insert finger on the left open
    section and open to look like the figure 4.

5. turn the paper over.

6. squash fold: insert finger on the top part and press down.
7. fold over in half to shape the body
    (mountain fold).

8. fold to reduce the top sharp point to
    prepare to attach the head (inside reverse

9. do the same for the tail section.

(go to the Head section)

The first 3 steps are are common to create other origami animals in the same origami packet such as alligator.

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