Tuesday, May 27, 2014

7th Annual Photography Masters Cup

Photography Masters Cup 最新情報

2014 Photography Masters Cup

2013年のPhotography Masters Cupコンテストの応募の締め切りは以外と早かった。10月の終わりごろだったと思う。気がついた時にはもう一週間ほどしか無かった。そんなことで、余り時間が無かったので、今回は2点だけにした。一つはオリガミの虎の親子の写真で、二つ目はハワイ島に行ったときに撮ったルアウでのファイア・ダンスの写真だった。



Dear Nobi,
CONGRATULATIONS on being a Nominee
at the 7th Annual Photography Masters Cup with:
Still Life | Origami Tigers On the Prowl

The 7th Annual awards received 7,416 entries from 79 countries
and honored 274 title awards at the Nomination and Winners Photoshow webcast
Saturday, May 3, 2014.

Congratulations once again, we wish you a most successful photography year.



Category: Still Life
Origami Tigers on the Prowl
Nominated in the 7th Annual Photography Masters Cup

In 2013, 7th Photography Masters Cup contest entry period was closed early. By the time I found that out, I only had about a week left. I quickly prepared two photos.
In March, I received an email from the organization that judging process needed more time and award winners would be announced in May. On May 3rd, the most watched show worldwide, the Photography Masters Cup Nomination & Winners Photoshow was held. I found out that one of the two of my photos was nominated for the Photoshow.  Winning in this contest is not so easy.  I need to work harder to be more creative.  My interest level in photography has not been as strong as it once was.  Therefore, winning in this contest does not come easily. Because of the types of photographers who participate worldwide in this contest, it is enormously interesting to view all the winners and runner-ups of the contest. This is one of the reasons I continue to participate in this contest.

Category: Americana
Fire Dance at Luau, Big Island of Hawaii

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