Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy New Year - Year of the Horse

Happy New Year!!!

2014 is the Year of the Horse: 
My sister was born in the year of the horse, and there are times when we used to tease her that being born in the year of the horse was most fitting. She loved to run, but also she used to kick things intentionally and unintentionally. Good thing she doesn't access this page or my FB page. If she knew what I am writing here, she would kick my butt..., lol.  She was a good kid. She taught kindergarten for many years, and was fantastic with children. 

Every new year, I attempt to make origami animal that corresponds to one of the twelve zodiac animals of the Japanese Lunar Calendar.

Origami Horses:
I intended to make new origami horses during the new year holidays, but too much time had already escaped me. Time flies too fast 
indeed. I am posting a couple origami horse photos I made years back during the time a photo site called "WebAperture" was very much active and fun. I made them (origami horses and photos) to post on WebAperture. My photo friends on the site loved many origami animals and other things I made and posted. 

前に折り紙を買った時、その中に牛の折り方が入っていた。その牛の折り方を基本にして、馬を折ってみた。出来上がったのがこれらの写真の馬である。我ながら良く出来たと思った。頭と首あたりの折り方を少し変えると牧場でのんびり草を食べたり、二頭で遊んだり、他の動物に出会う時などの様子を適当に描くことができる。今年(2014)は馬(午)の年だ。毎年一月には折り紙でその年に当たる十二支の動物を折り紙で作ることにしている。新年の休みの間に馬を折るつもりでいたが、日があっと云う間に経ってしまい、もう三月になってしまった。それで、ずっと前に折ったものを載せることにした。これらの写真の馬は数年前 WebAperture.comという写真サイトで、頻繁に写真投稿、意見交換をしていた時に作ったものだった。(残念だが、そのサイトは今はもう無くなっている。)

The background is a photo of a ranch in Vermont (U.S). There was a photographer, in Vermont, who used take many photos of horses around ranches and pastures near where she lived. Once she sent me a photo horses. I removed the horses and placed my origami horses in their places. (original photo below with real horses: I will be posting it later. If you do not see it, please come back and check it out.)




There were instruction sets in the origami packet I bought a while back. Among them was an instruction set to make origami cow. I used it as a base and modified to create these horses. As you can see, the part of the head can be shaped in different ways to set different postures according to the pasture scene. I will see if I can make a copy of the diagram and show how I modified to make the horses. That will be a bit later.

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