Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 - The Year of the Snake

Happy New Year !



For the year of 2013, the year of the snake, I was making origami snake by following different diagrams on the net. There are quite a few different models.  Many of them are more or less paper crafts and more complex folding methods are used.  In my opinion, they have gone beyond traditional origami art and turned them into elaborate paper craft.

I came up with a couple of snake models. The body part is done by basic (Japanese) origami folding method and is common to many models I saw on the net. The head part can be folded in several different ways. I implemented my own way to create the head part. I came up with the following snake model as my favorite. I flattened the head to make them look like cobra.


Fighting cobras:

The winner:

Garden Snake:

 (For those who are interested in more elaborate origami snake models, here's a couple of links for your reference: .
Mr. Wu is known as a professional origami artist on the net. He is on Flickr and Instagram photo sharing sites where I have also shared some of my photos.

Here is another link where more realistic look-like cobra models are displayed at the time of this writing. I do not know the person who created them, but I have to say he does fabulous work. )

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