Wednesday, May 30, 2012

iPhone Photo Tool

Just recently, I started to experiment with an iPhone photo application called PicFrame. I found that it is a very handy application. It allows me to combine multiple photos to create a multi-frame image. On my desktop computer, I do this using a photo-editing software called "Photoshop". But PicFrame is an iPhone application and with a few touches on iPhone I can create a very nice image in a couple of minutes. Photoshop is a professional photo editing software and very cumbersome. First of all I have to download the photos from iPhone to a desktop or laptop computer. And it takes a lot more than a couple of minutes to merge multiple photos into a single image. As many iPhone/iPad applications, PicFrame is only 99 cents.

Here's a few examples of multi-frame images I created on my iPhone.

These are some of my favorite Morning Glory photos.

These are some of my Origami Photos.

Lastly, these are night shots of my dream city, Paris, from my trip a few years ago.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Photography Masters Cup

Photography Masters Cup は世界各国の写真家が参加する写真コンテストのなので入賞するのはかなり難しい。このコンテストは専門部門とアマチュア部門が分かれているのは俺にとっては有難い。過去に、2、3のコンテストに応募鵜したが専門家とアマチュアが一緒に競い合うコンテストもあった。写真というものは一つのアートでもあるので、別に専門家がそれほど有利であるというとは限らないのもある。それでも、その様なコンテストに俺の写真がノミネートされたり入賞したりした時には格別の喜びを感じる。
今年のPhotography Masters Cupにはここに載せた写真を考慮している。何を入れるかということはそんなに重要ではないが、ただ、構図とカラーバランスにはこだわっているつもりだけど、それと、写真の背景には日常生活に何らかの意味があるものを選ぶことにしている。"Healing Water"は日本に帰って東大寺を訪れた時に撮ったものが入賞ノミネートに選ばれたがそれで終わった。

Photography Masters Cup is the leading international award honoring color photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional and amateur photographers in a prestigious annual contest and globally webcast event.

It's a high level contest and my chances of winning a place are slim, but it's the challenge that I enjoy to compete against the world's best. Strange it may to say, seeing many of the past winners, you almost have to have a weird mind to come up with winning photos. (Later, I will see if I can upload winning photos for reference.) Below are some of my photos that I have entered in the past or I am considering entering in the up-coming contest.

Image Samples:

TITLE: Ascension

TITLE: Texas Spring Wildflowers
CATEGORY: Silhouette
Professor Treks on the Bluebonnet Field

TITLE: Morning Glory
Morning Glory, My Favorite Summer Flower

4th Annual Photography Masters Cup Nominees:

Healing Water by Nobi