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iPhone Photo II(その2)- Origami Japanese Cuisine

オーステインには数々の日本料理店があるが、前に記したように多くの店はアジア系の人達で営まれていて、実際に本物の美味しい日本料理が食べるられということはあまりない。料理店の名前が日本名だからと云って中に入ってみると とてもまずいものを食わされることがある。 だからそういう料理店は絶対にさけるようにしている。 でも、アメリカの人達には本物の日本食とアジア系の食べ物の違いが判っていない。 だから、彼等にとってはとちらでもいいようだが、私のとってはそれがとても残念に感じる。 何故かというと、本当の和食の優雅さと美味しさというのが解ってもらえないからだ。

ここから北の方にラウンド・ロックという小さな古い町があるが、そこにオリガミ・レストランというのが10数年前に開かれた。オーナーの奥さんは日本人で、ご主人は日本に長く滞在していたアメリカ人である。 そこの日本料理は本物のでとても美味い。 くるまで15分位かかるが、開店以来月に1度は必ず行っている。 去年末にオーナーが変わってしまったがキッチンのスタフ(シェフ)皆を雇用するという条件でレストランを手渡しということだった。 それで、料理そのものは前と全く同じものが食べられるのその後も時々行っている。 

先週そこへでお昼ごはんを食べにいった。 これはそこのてんぷらアピタイザーだ。

そしてこれはそこのお昼メニューのスシ・スペシャルで、私は昼にこれをよく食べに行く。 この日もこれを注文した。 この日のスシもうまかった。 こんなものを食べられる間はまだまだ幸せだ。

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Origami Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar

There are numerous "Japanese restaurants" in this city. However, unfortunately, only a handful of those restaurants serve genuine Japanese cuisine. What about the others? They are often owned and operated by other Asian restaurant entrepreneurs. They serve their own Asian food as well as Japanese food that include sushi and sushi rolls. Some of these restaurants have Japanese name. I have dined at some of those in the past, but more often I was served something totally different from what I thought I ordered. In some cases, I left the restaurant without consuming much of what was served.

About 10 miles north from here, there is a small historical town called Round Rock. A Japanese restaurant called "Origami Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar" opened there several years ago. The owner's wife is a Japanese and the husband is an American who lived in Japan for several years. The Japanese food is genuine. Its sushi bar had been rated in the top 5 for many years. I have dined there at least once a month for these years. Besides dining, I often stop by there for lunch.

A couple of photos I uploaded are taken at lunch using my iPhone 4 camera. They are tenpura appetizer (above) and the sushi lunch special, both of which are two of my favorite among their lunch menu. iPhone comes in handy for these casual shots. iPhone takes almost as good photos as my Canon 20D digital camera (DSLR). When I know I can have genuine Japanese food like this in this country, I feel very fortunate. My feelings is very strong because, when I came to this country many years ago (to go to university), there were no places like these. The best Japanese food I was able to have back then was those instant ramens (very common these days, available in supermarket) my Mom used to send me from all the way back from Japan. I was so happy to be able to get them. I used to gather some of college buddies together at the house and share those. Those were very special time of my life. And certainly the time now is also special.

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