Monday, April 5, 2010

Bluebonnet Sunset, 2010

On Sunday, I went to check how Texas wildflowers are doing this year within the city limit.

I visited Dell Campus neighborhood where I took the photo titled "Bluebonnet Sunset" in 2005.
Since that year, bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrush have not done well, and every year has been very disappointing for photo shoots. The field is right in the middle of the industrial and business complex. I have been pessimistic about the survival of wildflowers there. It won't be surprise to me if another mid-rise office building goes up and wipe out the environment, especially wildflowers that had survived for a few years past.

When I got there, what a surprise! Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes were back and in full bloom. It was a overcast day and light mist had been falling all morning. The colors were not the brightest but I took several shots.

After coming home, I uploaded the images to my computer. I discovered that a few snow photos on the same compact flash card. I have totally forgotten about the snow photos. Here in the Central Texas area, it snowed on February 23. Today is April 4.
When I saw the snow photos and the bluebonnet photos, Shelley's (Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1792 – 1822, a British Romance Poet) famous phrase, "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" flashed in my mind. This winter has been unusually harsh for this part of the country. How I wished the spring arrival. After that snow day, cold days lasted for another 2 to 3 weeks. Now, it's April, and spring air is certainly here.

It may be a little strange to post these two photos together, but here's the photo of snow covered Nandina berries.

The next day, the weather improved a little in the afternoon, and the sun started to peek through the cloud. So, I took another trip to the same place around the sunset hours, and shot a couple of photos using two different exposures. Then, I merged the two photos to create my new "Bluebonnet Sunset, 2010".


五年ほど前に Dell コンピュータ会社の近くの広野原で撮った写真は夕暮れの野花の景色のものだった。その時のカメラはやや小さいデジカメだったが、今回はキャノンの20Dでそのような景色をまた撮ってみたかった。それで、その方へ車を走らせた。2005年以後、その野原では野花は全滅していたと言っても過言ではなかった。そこは、Dell コンピュータ会社の中層ビルや工場もあり、またその辺には I35 高速道路も通っていて、かなりコマーシャル化されている。でも、野原は今だにあって通常野草だけが生えている。 さて、そこへ着いてみると、なんと驚き、驚き。ブルーボネットやインディアン・ペイントブラッシの花が一面に咲いている。2005年の時とはスケールが少し小さいが、でも、写真には充分だった。そこで、パチパチと少し写真を撮った。だが、お天気は朝から霧雨が降っていて、曇り空で、花の色はあまり輝いていなかった。




  1. アアアホントにホントにうらやまし~です!一面の花、に弱い私・・・タンポポやチューリップの一面、は好きだけどよくあるって感じですが、テキサスのBluebonnetにはより一層惹かれます。
    2005年の写真は娘の絵にお借りしましたっけ。2010年のもまたすばらしいです。Wild Flowersが毎年戻ってきてくれますように、壊さないで欲しいですよね・・・

  2. I love the artwork your daughter did based on the previous "bluebonnet sunset". It was very pretty.