Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shadow Ballet

I went back to shoot in the bluebonnet field during the sunset hours. I saw a group of three or four children running across the field. There is a dry creek that runs on the side of the field. I went down to the creek and was looking up the sky over the bank to see whether the lighting is good enough to shoot from down below. The sun was about to go down the horizon but the sky was still light.

Just then, I saw the shadow of children along the top of the bank. Children have the god given freedom, agility. and talent to pursue their fun and happiness in their own way. With their abundant energy they must feel as free as birds and they can run as fast as deer. They go from one place to another so fast.

I raised my camera and started shooting a few shots as my camera lens followed the shadow.

As soon as they got down to the creek, in no time they turned around and went up the bank and disappeared over the horizon. It was a pleasure to observe these children running across the field, down and up the creek. It was so fast as if I was watching a short film clip in fast motion.

I knew they were kids, but it was like something that happens in the nature photo shoots. It's like shooting birds and animals. The opportunity to capture good photos can come and go very fast, and many times I miss them all together and come back empty handed.

Today, I shot some sunset scenes, but most interesting and my favorite shots were of these kids.


あたりを見回し写真を撮る位置をさぐっている時に3,4人の子供達が喜び声をあげながら野原を走っているのを見かけた。そんな様子をみると もう一度子供時代に戻りたいという気持ちになるのは私だけではないだろう。 この野原の一端には小さな小川がある。普通、特に、夏にはその小川は乾いているが今は少し水が流れているようだ。土手を下って小川の方へ下りてみることにした。そこから土手を見上げながら日の明るさを計り写真を撮る準備をしていると、突然子供達の影が土手の上を横切っているのが一瞬目にとまった。子供達は自由で元気で限りない活気にあふれている。彼等の行動はすばやく、鳥や鹿のようにあっちこっちと飛び回るようだった。無意識にカメラをとりあげ子供達の影を追いながらパチパチと数枚の写真をとった。彼等は土手を下りて小川に着いたとたん、すばやく土手の上の方へ上がっていって、あっという間に彼等のすがたは夕暮れのひかりの中から消えていった。




  1. こんなステキな所で走って、転がって、遊べる子供たちは幸せですね。楽しそうな声が写真にうつっています!

  2. Thank you so much, Kumiko-san.
    I agree, these children are very lucky to have a place like this. They looked so natural and happy.