Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010, the Year of the Tiger

Happy New Year !

What is the difference between a zebra and a Siberian Tiger?

It's the color in my origami world. (See the zebra photo below.)

National Geographic Daily Dozen:

I created a pair of tigers using origami paper designed for zebras.

Someone said, "Look like zebras".

I said, "Rats!".

And, I decided to color the tigers in light orange. Wow, wow, wow! (Two too many "wow's".) They now look like a pair of Siberian tigers.

Then, I said, "Not bad!".

And, I uploaded the photo to National Geographic Daily Dozen. And I am happy to report the photo was selected in the daily dozen in the week 2 of January 2010 on

I posted the photo on to share with WebAp friends.
Several members wrote encouraging words for me.
Among them was this exchange of comments with a member I have known for several years.

Dr. D:
"..., terrific origami, I am particularly partial since I was born in the year of the tiger!
I wish you all the best for 2010! Happy New Year! "

"Thank you, Doc. you are also a tiger-born..., then, you know you are courageous, but also short-tempered, stubborn, and slightly mean???”

Dr. D:
"Ha ha Nobi, You forgot fiercely loyal,
and probably we hold a grudge,
and you got it, stubborn, more than mean!
Love this and hope to see more from you... the way, I went to Japan in November this year, I loved Hakuba!"

She has such humor. By the way, in real life Dr. D is a medical doctor at MD Anderson Cancer Center. She is a wonderful person as well as is a well-known and very respected scientist in the cancer research field. Photography is her hobby, and her photography is a thing of beauty. She often travels abroad including Japan for medical conferences. She has brought back many beautiful photos she took while in Japan. One of the photo I vividly remember is of Japanese macaques soaking in the hot spring in Zigokudani. This monkey park is a place I would love to go and take photos of these Japanese snow monkeys.
To photograph them, I have to make a trip in winter and I have not yet had the chance do so. I told her a while back that when she goes to Japan, I would go photo shooting with her. But this has not happened so far.

The zebra photo is below the Japanese version. The pair of origami zebras are made using the same paper. A correction may be due that it's not only the color but also the shape... ha.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


しま馬用の折り紙で虎を折ってみたら それは ”しま馬だよね" と言われた。

ナショナルジオグラフィック ・デイリーダース:

これならちょっといけるなと思ったので、National Geographic の Daily Dozen というのにアップロードしてみた。そしたら、2010年一月第二週のデイリーダースの一つに選ばれた。 しま馬トラ君がトラとして認められたので嬉しかった。近頃、写真というものはそんなことで小さい喜びを感じさてくれる。

同じ写真を Webaperture.comというフォトサイトにアップロードした。このサイトは素人の写真愛好者の集まるところで、お互いに写真をコメントや批評したりする。そこで数人の写真の友が色いろコメントしてくれたが、その中でとら年生まれのことでこの様な会話のやり取りをした。

Dr. Donna: 


Dr. Donna:
  でも、意地悪だっていうより そうだね、わりと頑固なんだっていうのは確かだわ。






  1. Long time no see, Nobi!! Glad to see your new upload!
    I didn't know, congratulations, you are now a constant winner @ National Geographic Magazine, how wonderful!
    I like your Origami, Of course, and your "studio setting" for their photos, too!

    Stubborn, slightly mean, loyal, short-tempered....Am I a Tiger, too??? (actually not, but....)

  2. Thank you, Kumiko-san for checking in. It's always good to see friends come by. I check in yours every now and then, but I'm sorry I haven't commented lately. You do great job keeping up to date.

    Japanese Zodiac sign is a fun thing. I really think it's a great cultural thing. So you are Tiger or close to one?... :)