Friday, September 11, 2009

Morning Glory - "Hope for Tomorrow"

(English version of September 08 Blog "Morning Glory")

Affection, devotion, tranquility are some of the words used to symbolize Morning Glory Flowers. These words are so-called Flower Phrases. Flower Phrases are words that describe the meaning of flowers. For example, "love" and "passion" are flower phrases that are always associated with red roses. Flower phrases are some times referenced and sent along with flowers when you are giving or sending as gift to your special friend or to someone you love. Among other flower phrases for Morning Glory are "short-lived love" and "fragile love". More on these phrases later.

Morning Glory has been one of my favorite summer flowers since I was at young age. When I was growing up in the suburbs of Tokyo (Japan), houses had picket fences that were made of sturdy bamboo plant. Morning glory vines were climbing on these fences, and flowers were blooming all over on top of them displaying showy colors. We, kids, used to pick leaves to pop them on our hands making good popping sound. It does not sound that much of a fun game, but these are some of my fond memories of my childhood. Probably because of memories of my childhood, I still love Morning Glory.  I usually plant seeds in late spring.  Flowers bloom throughout the summer and continue to bloom into the mid-fall season.

I am into photography. One of my favorite photography is to take floral macro images.  Needless to say, I cannot wait for morning glory flowers to bloom every summer.  Also, I love flowers with raindrops on them.  But rainy days are rare here in this area, the heart of Texas during the summer months. So, sometimes, I spray water mist on the flowers to simulate raindrops or morning dews on them.  I did not think morning glory flowers produce much honey but quite often I see ants crawling in and out of flowers.  Sometimes, honey bees and bumble bees go in to gather honey. "Ant and Morning Glory" may not be among fairy tales or children's stories, but I think there ought to be one.  I have titled such photos "Ant and Morning Glory" and enter them in photo contests.  One such contest entry has once earned a second place.

Morning glory blooms early in the morning and closes by the time the heat of the summer day reaches the highest.  It may be the reason for such flower phrases as "short-lived love" and "fragile love".  But to me, it's simply normal to bloom early and close early and start over the next morning, and therefore, it has never given me an impression of "short-lived" nor "fragile" anything.  I have titled some photos as "Morning Prayer", "Today's Promise", and "Hope for Tomorrow".  In my opinion, these phrases fit more appropriately to express Morning Glory flowers. So, I make these phrases as my own flower phrases for Morning Glory.


  1. My memory of Morning Glory when I was a kid...I used to pick the flowers and squeeze the petals and the drop would go into a small container with water, different colors of Morning Glory made different colors of water. What I did with the colored water?? I don't remember...!

  2. Hi Kumiko,
    Good to hear that you also have fun memory of morning glory flowers. Kids used to invent a lot of things to do using normal things, flowers, and other object. Nowadays, it seems kids are mostly on electronic gadgets; games and games, and certainly cellphones, computers... Any invention goes here???, doubtful...

  3. I love the photos AND the stories in your blog Nobi. You have a way with words. The "Ara-Fo" story was very interesting and of course I loved The Stray Cat. Your origami creation and use of negative space thrills my eye. Looking forward to more stories ....

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  5. Ruben,
    I used Google translator to read your comment.
    Thank you for finding this log. Internet is certainly wonderful for cultural exchange of ideas and thoughts.